Richland School Board December 18th Meeting

Melanie Lendosky of Johnson Block & Company presented the 2016-17 audit report to the Richland School District Board at the meeting on December 18th.

The scope of the audit included all funds and activities of the district. For the year ending June 30, 2017 the District expended $1,565,810 of federal funds. The general fund balance has continually increased since 2013. The fund balance is used by the district for working capital and cash flow purposes, and to limit the amount of borrowing the district would otherwise incur. The general fund as of June 30 was $2,463,493.

Governmental fund balances are broken into four categories: non spendable in the amount of $100,695; restricted at $4,689,987; committed at $121,031; and unassigned at $2,243,449. Government funds come from a variety of sources. State sources total $10,489,560 with the most significant revenue from state sources being equalization aid totaling $8,691,725. Local sources totaled $6,770,823 with the most significant amount of $5,716,719 coming from property taxes. Other sources include federal at $1,554,536, inter district and intermediate sources at $465,496, and other revenues in the amount of $163,703. The audit also shows that the district has fully complied with state revenue limitation regulations..

The Governmental Funds expenditures show Instruction Expenditures totaling $9,277,302; Support Services at $7,120,770; Capital Outlay at $5,434,797; non-program expenditures totaling $1,470,895; and Debt Service at $1,058,034.

The equalized valuation of the district as certified by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue is $673,411,856. Total general obligation debt outstanding as of June 30 was $15,003,125. The debt capacity remaining for the district is 78%.

The board members discussed board development and strategic planning. Members of the board would like to discuss a potential list of focus items to work on with the administration and the community. Such items could touch on the status of Rockbridge School, Open Enrollment numbers, staff and teacher retention and attracting, grade level retention, and culture including the problem of bullying.

In action items the board approved a contract with Site Improve for district website compliance. Several gifts to the district were also approved: the donation of winter gear from the Shopping News to Jefferson Elementary. The donation of a new refrigerator from the Lincoln PATT to Lincoln Elementary. An art and cash donation to Doudna Elementary. A gift of $537 for the purchase of three SeaPerch kits for the high school. A bench for the entrance at the high school was accepted from the RCHS class of 1967 The board also approved a budget adjustment for the Carl Perkins School-to-Work Grant Budget and a budget adjustment for the second allocation of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Grant.

High School Principal Jon Bosworth gave his administrative report and introduced Student council president, Cole Darling to report on six goals of student council for this year. The group is working at being more “politically” involved in the functioning of school to make positive changes including changing the appearance of Homer the mascot, the grading scale, replacing water fountains, having an open campus, a rotating schedule around spring sports; and website access.

District Administrator Jarred Burke reminded board members up for re-election of deadlines. Grant Worthington and Karee Gander have declared candidacy for their current seats.