2016-2017 Schools of Recognition Awards

State Public School Superintendent Tony Evers has announced 178 Wisconsin Title 1 School of Recognition awards for the 2016-17 academic year – including a handful of schools in our area. School of Recognition is an honor that acknowledges success in educating students from low-income families. To be eligible, schools must received Title 1 funding to provide services to large numbers or high percentages of economically disadvantaged children and meet other achievement criteria.


This year’s awards recognize schools in up to three different categories: High-Achieving Schools; High-Progress schools; and Beating the Odds schools. “High-Achieving Schools” have achievement gaps that are less than 3 points between student groups or show evidence of reducing gaps; and demonstrate high achievement at the school level. “High-Progress Schools” fall within the top 10% of schools experiencing growth in reading and math for elementary and middle school students or the top 10% of schools with the greatest improvement in high school graduation rates; and have achievement gaps that are less than 3 points between student groups or show evidence of reducing gaps. Finally, “Beating-the-Odds Schools” are in the top 25% of high-poverty schools in the state; and have above-average student achievement in reading and mathematics when compared to schools from similarly sized districts, schools, grade configurations, and poverty levels.

In this area, schools that were recognized as Schools of Recognition include: Prairie View Elementary in the DeSoto School District which was recognized as both a High Progress and Beating the Odds School. Honored as a Beating the Odds School were the LaFarge Middle School; Prairie du Chien High School, and the Bluff View Elementary, Middle, and Junior High in the Prairie du Chien District – each of which earned the honor for five consecutive years. South Elementary in the Reedsburg School District was honored; as was Jefferson Elementary in the Richland School District; Lone Rock Elementary in the River Valley District; the Riverdale Middle School; Seneca High School, Junior High, and Elementary. Seneca's Elementary has gotten the honor for seven straight years. Finally, the Wauzeka Elementary and Middle School have also been honored as Beating the Odds Schools.

Superintendent Tony Evers said that “In our data driven society, it’s easy to dismiss a school by looking at its demographic makeup. These schools would not be 'expected’ to have the student academic achievement and gap closing results they have because of high levels of poverty.” He said their success is something to celebrate; it serves as an example of the importance of schools, families, and communities working together to ensure that every child graduates ready for college and careers.