Richland Center City Council April 4th Meeting

The Richland Center City Council met on Tuesday night and approved a conditional use permit application from Panorama Estates for mining, land reclamation, and soil processing for a proposed apartment complex on the west side of the city along Highway 14 across from the Richland Center High School.

Duane Kleinsasser is spearheading the project and said that three apartment units would be built. Prior to that, 42,000 yards of dirt needs to be moved and spread out at the site prior to construction. There were concerns raised by neighbors regarding run-off of water at the site, but Kleinsasser said they would do all they could in the design of the property to reduce or eliminate those concerns.

The City Council gave the go-ahead to Southwest Partners to pursue a “Bike Friendly Community” designation. Malory Bender with Southwest Partners said that 12 Wisconsin municipalities and one county are currently considered “Bike Friendly”. The application and designation cost the city nothing, but officials who grant approval provide expertise and feedback on how to promote safe biking opportunities in the city. What's more, the “Bike Friendly” designation will also help the city obtain other outside funding for other possible biking and pedestrian trails. On a related topic, Bill Bartlett of Schmitt Woodland Hills presented information about a new community partnership called “Cycling Without Age” which provides transportation and recreation for people of all ages – but primarily the elderly population – with rides in a 3-wheeled rickshaw-style tricycle. Bartlett said that they are currently accepting donations to purchase a $7,000 “Tri-shaw”, and hope to have it operating this summer. It would give residents a leisurely ride to area bike trails, parks, and other locations in the city. He hoped the city could designate a bike lane along city streets to access the bike trails. A number of community partners have signed on to the “Cycling Without Age” concept, including UW-Richland, the Richland Hospital, the City Parks Department, the Medical Center, and Southwest Partners. Bartlett said they will soon be recruiting volunteers for the program as well.

The Richland Center City Council approved up to $5,500 to Ehlers – the city's financial advisor – to develop the state-mandidated Tax Increment District reports for the state. Ehlers will provide TIF reporting to the city as well.

In other action from the City Council meeting Tuesday evening, the city will seek engineering services to help mitigate standing water problems for residents in the area of Allison Park and the North Park Pond. Finally, Richland Center residents are reminded that this Saturday (April 8) is large item garbage pick-up day in the city.