Farm to School Program

Bringing farm fresh foods to schools across the country continues to be the mission of the Farm to School program.

Since being introduced about 15 years ago, Farm to School has strived to promote healthy food options for children at the elementary through high school level, including here in southwest Wisconsin.

Through the assistance of local farmers and school gardens, Farm to School allows access to a variety of foods for children to try. Foods that are offered are often related to the time of year and foods that are common at the time. As part of its mission to bring farm-grown foods into schools, Farm to School aims to offer foods that children may or may not already be familiar with. When it comes to introducing certain foods, children have the option to try foods that are offered, but they are not required to do so.

Farm to School is a growing program that is continuing to reach out to schools nationwide. With the program growing, Farm to School leaders are encouraging school officials, farmers, parents, and others to become involved. This can include assisting with school gardens, harvesting foods, preparing foods for serving, or contributing foods. Anyone who would like to become involved can find information on the official Farm to School Facebook page, through the national Farm to School website, or by calling the Richland County UW-Extension at 647-6148.