Richland District Adding Time To Instructional Day

At the most recent Richland School Board meeting, it was decided how the district would add instruction time to the achieve the state's requirement for classroom minutes in a school year. So far in the 2016-2017 school year, the district has missed 10 whole days because of inclement weather – the most in many years.

That includes four days in September that were missed because of flooding. The plan to build up additional time with the likelihood that more time will be missed this winter includes converting the planned February 24th staff in-service day a regular instruction day and add 15 minutes at the start of each instructional day starting Monday, February 6th. This generated four more school days – one of which was already used last week.

Presently, the last day of school will continue to be June 6th. District Administrator Jarred Burke said hard decisions will need to be considered if the Richland School District uses up the remaining three days that will be built into the calendar

Students and families in the Richland School District are reminded that the school day will begin 15 minutes earlier than the regular schedule starting this Monday (Feb. 6). Also, the planned teacher in-service day scheduled for Friday, February 24th will now be a regular school day. Families are urged to adjust their schedules accordingly.