WPPI Billing Schedule Outlined

WPPI Energy – the regional power company serving 51 locally owned, not-for-profit electric utilities – held an informational meeting in conjunction with Richland Center City Utilities, one of its member utilities, on January 11th, with industry leaders in Richland Center.

The purpose was to inform them of the billing changes that are coming to all WPPI customers in 2017. WPPI Energy Services Representative James Schwingle reported that the annual amount that energy customers pay will be about 1% more than in 2016 – which is lower than the last few years; however, the monthly bills will reflect costs based on actual energy usage for that particular time period. That means that higher bills are anticipated in the peak summer months, but generally lower billings in the colder and moderate months. Schwingle said that the change will allow customers to reflect on when & how they use energy, and see if any changes in operation will positively impact their energy costs. He added that lower energy use by the industry and residential customers will ultimately be a benefit for everyone. Richland Center Electric Utility Superintendent Dale Bender said that they wanted to communicate the billing change now to give the industries and residential customers a chance to plan for the larger electric costs during the summer months.

James Schwingle said that the industrial customers may pay thousands of dollars more than normal during the summer, while the typical residential customer may pay $10 more in July and August, while experience savings of up to $4 from January through May. Ultimately, he said that anyone with questions about the billing should contact their local utility. For most customers in Richland Center, that is City Utilities. In addition, Schwingle said that the utility can also be a valuable resource for those interested in lowering their overall electric consumption.