United Givers Annual Meeting

By all accounts the 2016 Richland County United Givers annual plea has gone very well, but it's not necessarily complete.

The United Giver's annual meeting and fund distribution event is set for Thursday, January 26th. That's when the 25 organizations that serve local individuals will receive the donations that have been collected to that point. That means that people interested in contributing to United Givers will have those dollars included in the most recent campaign.

Representatives of the recipient organizations are invited to be part of the annual meeting. It will again take place in the Richland Hospital's Pippin Hall. It will begin at 5:00 PM on January 26th. Because Richland County United Givers has no paid staff and is a operated by a volunteer board of directors, 100% of the dollars that donated to United Givers will be re-distributed and put to work by the groups identified for this year's campaign.