2016 Richland County Area Community Health Needs Assessment

The 2016 Richland County Area Community Health Needs Assessment has been completed and is now available for viewing.

The nearly year-long process aimed to identify and prioritize the health and wellness needs of individuals in Richland County and the surrounding areas. With the passage of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, all non-profit hospitals are required to conduct Community Health Needs Assessments. Wisconsin State Statutes also require local health departments to conduct community health needs assessments.

In order to better assess the communities served, four organizations partnered to complete the latest 2016 assessment: The Richland Hospital, The University of Wisconsin-Extension, the Richland School District, and Richland County Public Health. The 2016 Richland County Area Community Health Needs Assessment is available for viewing at the websites of the Richland Hospital, Richland County Health & Human Services, and UW-Extension.

While working to find the community’s greatest health needs, the Health Assessment & Wellness Commission conducted a community survey in early 2016. With the survey, individuals identified the community’s greatest health and social strengths. The five greatest community health strengths are:

  • Ability to get emergency medical care

  • Ability to get primary health care

  • Opportunities to be active

  • Ability to get dental care

  • Community resources and support

The three greatest social strengths are:

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Public and personal safety

The hope is that our community can utilize these strengths and work together to address the three primary health needs identified in the upcoming Community Health Improvement Plan. Those are:

  • Substance abuse prevention & treatment

  • Overweight/obesity prevention & treatment

  • Mental health care

The next step in improving the health of the community will be to create a Community Health Improvement Plan. All parts of the community need to work together to utilize our strengths and share ideas with one another. Anyone interested in participating in the creation of a community health improvement plan, or have ideas that you would like to share, contact any member of the Health Assessment & Wellness Commission. Those members are Chris Drea, Director of Marketing for the Richland Hospital; Marianne Stanek, County Health Officer with Richland County Health & Human Services; Chelsea Wunnicke, Family Living Agent with Richland County UW-Extension; Dr. David May, Medical Chief of Staff at the Richland Hospital; Cindy Chicker, Assistant Administrator at the Richland Hospital; and Jarred Burke, District Administrator, and Shawn Tjossem, School Psychologist – both with the Richland School District.

2,000 households in Richland County received the Community Health Needs Assessment survey. Among other things, the survey results can be used in attaining grants and funding in furthering healthcare programs in the area.