November American Diabetes Month

November is American Diabetes Month, and an opportunity to recognize that dealing with diabetes is not easy.

To address the issue, Diabetes Educators at the Richaland Hospital are offering to work with diabetic individuals and show them that they can control the disease. Diabetes has been shown to have increased over the years, with one-in-three individuals predicted to obtain the disease by the year 2050.

Those impacted by diabetes often have similar concerns such what and when to eat certain foods, how to approach exercise, what medications to take, and how to check and monitor blood sugars. In some cases, diabetics get so frustrated, overwhelmed, and emotional about their diabetes that they choose to ignore it. Instead of controlling their diabetes, the diabetes controls them. When this happens, more health problems are likely to occur. One significant approach to controlling the disease is by implementing a healthy diet.

Individuals with diabetes need a good team to support them in preventing complications and leading a healthy, happy life. These team members include: the person with diabetes, doctors, family, friends and diabetes educators. Educators at the Richland Hospital are committed to learning about diabetic individuals, their routines, and helping to figure out how to fit diabetes into their lifestyles. The program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association, allowing it to be reimbursed by Medicare and most insurances. Those that would like to enroll in the program or would like more information can contact Marcia Carlson or Ty Mulholland at 647-6321.