October 24th Richland School Board Meeting

The Richland School Board conducted a special meeting Monday night, October 24th, to hear the final adjustments to the 2016-17 school year budget, and vote on the budget, tax levy and mill rate for the upcoming school year.

District business official Kathy Stoltz said that little had changed from what was presented to the board at last week’s meeting. She said that the two newest positions approved last week – a half-time Certified Nursing Assistant and a Special Ed classroom aide at Jefferson Elementary – have now been included in the budget plan. Those positions alone take up about $44,000 of the $58,000 budget surplus that was reported last week. The remaining $14,000 was also moved to the “Instructional Materials” line item, ultimately balancing the ’16-’17 budget with $18.6-million in revenues and expenses. Of that total is a tax levy of $5,716,719. Included in that is $730,000 for principal & interest in non-referendum debt service; roughly $89,000 for principal & interest for referendum debt service; and $26,000 for the community service fund. Despite the voters passing three referendum questions earlier this year, the Richland School District’s mill rate will be 10-cents lower that it was a year ago – coming in at $9.04 per $1,000 of property valuation. Stoltz said that per new state statute there will be a new line on people’s tax bills in December for “Non-permanent Referenda Reporting.” School boards are now required to separately report any non-permanent tax levies that exceed the annual revenue limit as a result of a successful referendum. The tax bill must also report the year in which the non-permanent referendum is set to expire. The Richland District’s referendum is expected to continue through 2037.