October Richland Center City Council Meeting

The Richland Center City Council met on Tuesday night.

At the meeting Alderpersons heard a presentation by Troy Maggied, Executive Director of the Southwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission about a new project that aims to help market communities vacant properties in industrial parks. Maggied reported that Platteville is currently participating, with other communities – including Boscobel, Kieler, and Darlington – aiming to be on board in early 2017. The marketing tool is a website that includes map layers that outline zoning, utilities, price, and other valuable information for businesses that are looking locations to relocate or expand. He said that the websites would be hosted and maintained by the Southwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, and linked to the county and municipal websites. The cost per site for the initial work was expected to be about $5,200, however a grant from Prosperity Southwest through the Wisconsin Economic Development would reduce that cost to $2,200 initially, with a $1,000 to $1,500 annual maintenance fee. Maggied added that there is a general lack of information about Richland Center’s industrial park online. The City Council took no action on the idea Tuesday night. Maggied said Richland Center could be included in the online tool by mid-2017.

The Richland Center City Council approved a pair of projects. The first was a bid for chimney repairs at the Brewer Public Library in the amount of $18,274 from Norm Putz Masonry of Richland Center. The firm was not the lowest of the four bids presented. Parks Foreman Dave Fry explained that the low bid did not meet the specifications originally outlined. The City will pay for $10,000 of the project from the Contingency Fund, with the library paying for the balance from its budget.

Symons Recreation was given the go-ahead to seek bids to upgrade the heating and air conditioning. Symons Director Denise Lins said the current system cannot keep up with the current needs of the facility. She estimated the cost for the upgrade to be $30,000. The city and Richland County have committed to share the costs of the system upgrade equally.

The City Council amended an ordinance increasing the number of Class A Liquor licenses available in the city from 6 to 7. The new license will allow the new Kiwk Trip on West Seminary to sell intoxicating liquor similar to other convenience stores in the city.

Six city parking stalls will be designated as “Purple Heart Parking” spaces as a result of action Tuesday night. It’s another effort to celebrate Richland Center as the First Purple Heart City in America. The spaces will be located at city hall, at the veterans’ memorial, the community center, library, airport, and in the city lot adjacent to the fire department. D&P Enterprises will paint the spaces for $100. The corresponding signs will $25-to-$40 each. It was stated that parking in those spaces is unenforceable, and would simply be on the honor system.

In final news notes from the Richland Center City Council meeting last (Tues) night, the council unanimously approved a resolution requesting 100% emergency radio coverage for Richland County. Mayor Paul Corcoran said there are pockets of the county that have “dead spots”. For the safety of law enforcement, fire, and ambulance personnel, those areas need to be improved. Finally, Mayor Corcoran said that everyone associated with the flood relief activities in September are to be commended. He said the State of Emergency declared most recently was a necessary step for the city and county to be eligible for federal assistance.