August Richland County Board Meeting

The Richland County Board of Supervisors met for monthly business Tuesday evening.

In action from the meeting, the board recognized the service of Kay Cunningham, who worked as a Public Health Nurse at the Department of Health and Human Services for over 41 years. Kay was awarded a plaque for her many years of service and dedication to the county and its residents.

A resolution was approved to oppose a proposed project that would effect wildlife around the Tri-County Airport. Given the name Big Hollow Wetland Bank Project, the project would allow a wetland mitigation bank to be established approximately three miles East of the airport. Several concerns were expressed about the project including a potential increase in waterfowl flying in the vicinity of the Airport and the failure of past attempts to create wetlands as opposed to restoring them.

The board also opposed a recognition plan of the U.W. Cooperative Extension. It was noted that the plan, which was approved by U.W. Chancellor Sandeen in February of this year, would call for drastic change in rural county Extension programs, shift a greater portion of Extension resources to urban areas, and reduce educator positions in rural counties.

Also approved was a resolution to create a temporary subcommittee of the Joint Ambulance Committee for the purpose of developing a long range strategy for providing ambulance service within Richland County. Five members of the Joint Ambulance Committee were appointed as members of the temporary subcommittee. They included Board Chair Jeanetta Kirkpatrick, William Kloehn, Gordon Palmer, Ryan Keller, and Robert Holets.

It was approved that the County withdraw from the Wisconsin Public Employer's Group Health Insurance Program. The Finance and Personnel Committee will be authorized to decide which health insurance carrier is best suited to provide health insurance for County employees.

In other action from the Richland County Board meeting Tuesday night, the board approved a resolution creating two positions at the new Pine Valley Community Village. The first is a Community-Based Residential Facility Administrator position and the second is a Resident Assistant position. An update was also given on the progression of the Pine Valley Community Village project. It was noted that the project is moving along and the facility is on schedule to open October 6th. In addition, a special ribbon cutting ceremony is set to take place the morning of September 16th.

Finally, the board approved new appointments for the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Southwest Wisconsin – North Governing Board, the Commission on Aging and Disability Board, Coordinated Service Team Coordinating Committee, Hidden Valleys Board, and the Transportation Coordinating Committee.