Richland Center City Council July Meeting

The Richland Center city Council met for regular business on Tuesday evening.

At the meeting the council heard from City Parks & Grounds Foreman Dave Fry about the status of the city-owned HVAC units in the Municipal Building and other locations. Fry said that at the Municipal Building specifically the air conditioning units have not received the proper regular professional service theny need to operate efficiently. In fact, he said it had been several years since any type of professional service had been done to them. Fry said that one of the eight units in the building may need to be replaced, with the others needing maintenance as soon as possible. The City Council approved a motion to receive bids for the new AC unit, and service the other seven air conditioners as soon as a technician can come in. A greater conversation was generated about the maintenance plans for the hearing and air conditioning units in the city's buildings. In the end, the Maintenance Department was directed to establish annual service agreements for all of the HVAC units in the city to avoid any future lapses in regular maintenance to help ensure the machines are operating properly.

The City Council approved the marking of a double yellow line in the center of Sextonville Road from where the current line ends at South Sheldon Street to the intersection of Sextonville Road and Gage Street. It was stated that the marking will hopefully provide clarity for motorists and alleviate parking complaints that have occurred in that area in recent years. The street is 40-feet wide, however parking on both sides of the roadway – combined with the semi traffic from the dairy plants in that area – have made for accidents and other close-calls for motorists along that stretch of the city.

The Richland Center City Council approved a $2,000 amendment for an A-1 Excavating contract for additional work related to a project on Court Street. The council also approved an amendment to street projects to include a section of Haseltine and Ithaca Road, as well as James Street between Haseltine and Kinder Street.

Finally, it was announced that a power outage occurred last Saturday (July 2) night in the northern portion of the city as the result of a drone crash into a power line. Electric Utility Superintendent Dale Bender said that the drone crashed at approximately 10:10 PM near the American Legion. He said that two transformers burned and five fuses opened at different locations, causing about $2,000 in property damage alone. He added that there was also a significant safety risk considering a number of people had gathered in that area to watch the city's fireworks display. Fortunately, there were no injuries associated with the incident, and the city continues to investigate who is responsible for the drone crash.