June Crop Progress Report

For areas of the state not hit hard by thunderstorms this growing season, the month of June has presented nearly ideal growing conditions for all crops.

Corn and soybeans were beginning to canopy and small grains were ripening across the state during the last week. This week's Wisconsin Crop Progress & Condition report indicated there were 5.6 days suitable for field work during the week ending on Sunday. Here in southwest Wisconsin there were 6.1 days. During that time, farmers spend cutting 2nd crop hay. 48% of that crop had been mowed – much more than last week's 11%.

Grain fields are moving along nicely. 81% of the oats in the southwest region have headed out, with 8% of the crop turning color. 2% of the soybean fields are blooming – slightly behind the statewide average of 6%. Winter wheat is also maturing. 94% of winter wheat is headed, while 44% is turning color.

Soil conditions remain nearly unchanged from last week. 9% of the topsoils in southwest Wisconsin are short on moisture. 86% have adequate moisture this week, while 5% are in surplus. 84% of subsoils have adequate moisture in the latest survey.

The ag reporter in Vernon County said the region did receive some needed rain over the weekend. Corn and soybean crops look good, although some soybean fields are a little weedy due to the delay in spraying because of windy conditions. And second crop alfalfa yields and quality have been good.