Pine Valley Treasure Token Found

The Pine Valley Community Village treasure token has been found! Richland Center's David Harper discovered the 5-inch wooden token on the grounds of the Richland County Courthouse under the flagpole.

This year's Pine Valley treasure token treasure chest of prizes was valued at more than $700 thanks to about two dozen sponsors.

The token's clues were rather cryptic to start the week. Monday's clue was “Look high & look low; Look all around; Until the treasure has been found.” Today's clue was “Forget all your troubles; Forget all your cares; No need to go elsewhere; The treasure's all here.” For those wondering, the clues from Wednesday through Friday help narrow the search area. Wednesday's clue: “Come and sit down; You can look all around; Come see the park and; This beautiful town.” Thursday's clue: “The Clock has now rung; It's time to get done; Thanks for the hunt; I hope it was fun.” And Friday's clue would have been: “Off with your hat; And over your heart; Down below me is; Where the treasure's at.” Of course those clues would have taken you to the Richland County Courthouse lawn under the flagpole – where David Harper found the treasure token Tuesday morning. We say congratulations to David and thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Pine Valley Community Village Treasure Token Hunt.