Boscobel Approves Revenue Limit Referendum

The Boscobel School District experienced mixed results with its two referendum questions on Tuesday – albeit by a razor-thin margin with one of the issues.

Boscobel School District voters approved Question #1, which asks to exceed state revenue limits in the amounts of $950,000; $650,000; and $200,000 – for a total if $1.8-million over a 3-year period on a recurring basis for the purpose of continued operation of the school district. That question passed by a 970-to-958 margin – a difference of just 12 votes. Boscobel's second referendum question failed by a 55-to-45% margin. There were 1,062 no votes, to 865 yes votes to the question that asked for the authority to issue $20-million in bonds to pay for school improvements that would create one school campus in the Boscobel School District. Again, Question #2 failed in the Boscobel District 55-to-45%; while Question #1 to exceed the state-imposed revenue limits passed with 50.3% supporting that measure – a difference of just 12 votes.