Richland School District Referendum Results

Richland School District voters have overwhelmingly thrown their support behind the three referendum questions that were before them Tuesday – each receiving double-digit margins of passage.

The unofficial canvass of votes showed Referendum Question #1, which asked for the authority to exceed the state-imposed revenue limit by up to $475,000 on a recurring basis to assist with technology expenses, received the support of 57% of voters – or 2,077. Those who voted “no” to Question #1 totaled 1,546. Question #2 asked to borrow up to $3,470,000 for Site Safety & Security issues. That won by a 56-to-44% margin – or 2,009 “yes” to 1,560 “no”. Finally, Question #3 which asked to borrow up to $5,260,000 for building, remodeling, and maintenance projects, earned the widest approval at 62-to-38%. 2,219 cast “yes” votes, to 1,362 who said “no”. The referendum won large support in the City of Richland Center with a 2-to-1 margin; however, all three questions still had the backing of the majority of voters outside the city.

There was one contested school board race in the Richland School District. Toni McCarvel defeated Daniel Zadrazil 2,231-to-696. McCarvel will replace Mike O'Leary on the Richland School Board in District #3. Bennie Green was uncontested in his bid for the Area #2 seat. Green will replace Patti Silver who also chose not to run for re-election.