Richland School District Referendum Info Meeting

In one week voters will head to the polls to decide on a number of issues that are of national, statewide, and local importance.

Voters in the Richland School District will decide on three referendum questions that deal with technology, site safety & security, and building maintenance & improvements. Those who have any last-minute questions, concerns, or who would simply like to become more familiar with the projects and costs associated with the referendum questions are invited to the final community information session Tuesday evening. It will begin at 7:30 PM in the Richland Center High School IMC. The session will be lead by District Administrator Jarred Burke

Three questions are being posed to voters next Tuesday. The first seeks the authority to exceed the state-imposed revenue limit by up to $475,000 on a recurring basis to address immediate and long-term technology needs. The second referendum question asks for the authority to borrow up to $3,470,000 to address site safety and security concerns. The third asks for the authority to borrow up to $5,260,000 for building and maintenance needs.

Everyone is welcome to attend the community information session Tuesday evening. It starts at 7:30 in the High School IMC. Those unable to attend can also find additional information on a dedicated referendum website accessible via the Richland School District homepage. It's all part of an effort to educate voters before they head to the ballot box next Tuesday, April 5th.