Three Richland Center Schools Receives Energy Incentive Checks

Three schools in the Richland School District can expect brighter learning environments and lower lighting costs thanks in part to an energy efficiency incentive check from WPPI Energy totaling $6,481.

Doudna, Lincoln and Jefferson elementary schools all recently completed comprehensive interior lighting updates, as well as exterior lighting projects, with the help of energy-saving programs available through Richland Center City Utilities.

The projects included a combination of fluorescent light upgrades, new LED fixtures, and added controls for lighting operation. The schools can anticipate annual lighting energy savings of 42 to 63% as a result. According to District Operations & Maintenance Director Brian Jones, “Energy efficiency upgrades can provide significant savings year after year, but we know that up-front project costs can sometimes present a barrier. For qualifying projects in WPPI Energy member communities, these enhanced incentive funds can help lower that hurdle.”

The district qualified for more than $8,000 in Focus lighting incentives, as well as the $6,400 in enhanced incentive funding from WPPI Energy.