Animal Farm Cast Announced

University of Wisconsin-Richland Professor of Communications-Theater Arts Zoie Eva Lutz has announced the cast of the 2016 production of George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM, adapted by Nelson Bond.

The cast includes many experienced actors and will provide an excellent mix of current students, former students and community members.

Mr. Jones and the Guard dog will be portrayed by David Neff of Blue River;

Old Major / Narrator 2/ Pilkington will be Alex Miller of Richland Center;

Narrator 1 / Frederick: Sharon Zales of Richland Center;

Napoleon: Colt McBain Watson of Richland Center;

Snowball: Nikki Wentworth Allbaugh of Muscoda;

Squealer: Liberty McPherson of Hillpoint;

Clover: Jennifer Tagliapietra of Richland Center;

Boxer: Paul Carlson of Richland Center;

Mollie and the Guard dog: Kristen Craddock of Richland Center;

Benjamin: Kathleen Corey-Pittman of Richland Center;

Muriel: Sandra McPherson of Hillpoint;

Moses and the Cat: Barbi Hillishiem of Richland Center;

Chicken: Mary Hanrahan of Muscoda; and

Cow: Kaitlyn Bedtka of Steuben.

Animal Farm will be presented Friday, April 8 at 7:30 p.m.; Saturday, April 9 at 7:30 p.m.; and Sunday, April 10 at 2:00 (matinee) in the Coppertop Theater on the UW-Richland campus. Tickets are $10 at the door; there will be no advance ticket sales.