Tuesday, February 16th Election Voter ID Required

Those wishing to cast a ballot in tomorrow’s (Tuesday February 16th) Wisconsin spring primary election will need to show appropriate ID at the polls.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision not to take up a challenge to the law last year allows the Voter ID law to stand. It’s been in place for 29 special elections but tomorrow’s primary is the first statewide election where appropriate voter identification will be required. Reid Magney is a spokesperson for the Government Accountability Board, which oversees elections in Wisconsin. Magney says that

most people have the ID that they need: either a driver license or a State ID card, and even if those have expired since the last general election in November of 2014 they can still use it.

Voters will have to state their name and address at the polling place, show the poll worker their ID, and then sign the poll book. If a voter forgets to take their ID with them, they can cast a provisional ballot and then will have to show their ID by the end of the week. A complete list of Voter ID rules is available at "Bring-It-dot-Wisconsin-dot-gov" or by calling 866-Vote-W-I-S. Wisconsin's Presidential Primary election will be on April 5th.