Richland School District Referendum

The next 2 ½ months will be essential in determining the landscape of Richland School District.

At the most recent school board meeting last week, the board approved three referendum questions that will be decided by voters during the April 5th general election. The first question seeks the authority to exceed the state-imposed revenue limit by up to $475,000 on a recurring basis to address technology needs within the district. The second seeks the authority to borrow up to $3,470,000 to address site safety and security concerns. The final question asks for the authority to borrow up to $5,260,000 for building and maintenance needs for the district. District Administrator Jarred Burke said it's been a long process to get to this point.

A lot of information will be presented to Richland School District residents over the next several weeks that will help them make a decision prior to heading to the ballot box. One of the first questions voters are expected to ask is “How much will it affect my taxes?” Burke said the district and its taxpayers are in a favorable position.

In fact, the Richland School District is currently aided by the state at a rate of roughly 60%. That means that after the first year, district taxpayers would be responsible for just 40% of the project costs.

Should any or all of the referendum questions pass on April 5th, the district will immediately put a plan into motion that would accomplish some of the most pressing needs.

Information will soon be available on the Richland School District website outlining the referendum questions and how they will impact the district. Burke also said that he is open to personally bringing this information to local organizations, employee groups, and others who want to learn more. In upcoming broadcasts, WRCO News will feature additional information with Jarred Burke about what other specific projects and initiatives the referendum questions hope to address.