Animal Farm Chosen for 2016 Spring Play

The University of Wisconsin-Richland has selected George Orwell’s Animal Farm as the springtime campus/community stage production.

Auditions are set for Thursday and Friday, February 4th and 5th at 6:00 PM in the Coppertop Theatre on campus. Community members, students, and those interested in helping stage the production are welcome. Performances will take place the weekend of April 8th through 10th.

Animal Farm is adapted by Nelson Bond from Orwell’s classic 1945 novel. It tells the story of animals, led by pigs, to overthrow Mr. Jones and take control of his farm. This political allegory addresses timeless lessons on the lure of power.

Auditions for those interested in acting will involve cold readings from the script, as well as improv exercises. At least 12 people are needed for the cast, and there are several roles for those interested in helping backstage.