Ithaca Chrome Book Display

The Ithaca School District is aiming to increase its technology opportunities for students, and a display will be available tomorrow (Friday) night to show the public what the future has in store.

During the spaghetti supper at Ithaca High School Friday night from 4:00 until 7:00, the district will show off the Chrome Book devices it hopes to soon incorporate.

Hess said the Chrome Books are the most attractive devices to the district because of their capabilities, the Google operating system and the near unlimited resources for that operating system, as well as the device's cost and durability. He said those things will be on display Friday night.

It's figured the district will look to obtain about 200 of the devices. Ithaca parents, students, and community members are invited to stop by the IT display tomorrow (Friday) night starting at 4:00 during the spaghetti supper prior to the Ithaca versus Weston girls basketball game.