CEC Annual Meeting

The recently formed Career Education Cooperative will be holding it’s first annual meeting on the evening of Monday, January 18th for current and prospective partners.

This meeting will take place at the Richland Center City Auditorium at 6:00 PM and address activities performed during the first year of operation as well as partnerships with schools, businesses, and community members. The financial report will be reviewed, and the first permanent board will be announced. This meeting is open to current and prospective members.

The CEC is a cooperative effort created by Southwest Partners including several area high schools, employers, and community leaders. The CEC offers career pathways for high school students to obtain on-the-job training, college credits, mentoring, and community service so they are better prepared for life after high school. The CEC wishes to help our students see the many career opportunities that exist right here at home. If you are interested in attending the Annual Meeting and becoming a member of the CEC, please contact Kevin Hauser at (608) 647-8835. If you would like more information about the Career Education Cooperative, visit the website careereducationcoop.com or contact Amber Burch at (608) 495-0480.