Snowmobile Reminder

While the snowy weather has been a welcome sight for outdoor enthusiasts, it's important to note that conditions are not good enough to take snowmobiles on the local trails.

Officials with the Richland County Snowmobile Alliance report that the county trails are closed at this time. A number of hazards may be present underneath the new fallen snow including standing water or downed trees. In addition, gates remain closed in some places. The Snowmobile Alliance will be evaluating the trails this week, but riders are reminded that the local snowmobile trails are closed until further notice.

Also all Sauk County Snowmobile Trail are closed and will remain closed until further notice. Snowmobile Association officials ask that anxious riders respect the landowners, the Association's Executive Board, and membership clubs by staying off the trails until they're officially open. Members are currently out assessing the trails and preparing them for riders. Any activity that people see on the trails is likely association members. Snowmobilers are also reminded that even if the trail is groomed, that doesn't mean the trail is open. With this first snowfall the trails may be panned to pack the snow which forms a suitable riding base for the season. For the latest on the Sauk County snowmobile trail status, the hotline number to call is (608) 985-4766. Again, (608) 985-4766.