Richland Hospital Project Linus Donation

The Richland Hospital recently received a donation of Linus Blankets.

Project Linus is a nationwide organization that provides child sized blanket and quilts to children who have been traumatized or are in need of comfort. They supply the blankets and quilts to hospitals, ambulances, homeless shelters, MDA Camp, Lions Camp, Somalia and Haiti, just to name a few. Most of the supplies are donated and all of the labor is donated to complete each project which can take up to 20 hours to make.

The blankets the Richland Hospital received are from the project Linus Wisconsin Heights Chapter by Representative, Patricia Fargen from Lone Rock who has involved in the Linus project since 1994. Richland Hospital Med/Surg Unit Coordinator Linda Stadler thanks all of the volunteers for the time they put into making the blankets. She said they look forward to giving them out and comforting children in their time of need.

Anyone interested assisting with Project Linus and making a blanket or by donating material can contact Patricia Fargen at (608) 588-4392.