Richland County Election Update 12/18

Persons interested in running for the Richland County Board are reminded that now is the time to step forward and make their intentions known.

Anyone interested in running for their respective county, municipal or school board seat needs to file the necessary paperwork no later than the end of the business day on Tuesday, January 5th.

Richland County Clerk Victor Vlasak reports there have been some recent changes. Incumbent supervisor Gaylord Deets in District 2 filed a declaration of non-candidacy this week. Two candidates have stepped forward who would like to represent district 2. Patrick Marshall has filed nomination papers; Bryan Myers has declared his candidacy.

Larry Jewell will be a candidate for reelection. Jewell, who represents District 8, filed nomination papers this week.

Robert Bellman has filed a declaration of candidacy in district 11.

In District 19, incumbent Richard Rasmussen has declared his candidacy for reelection. Van Nelson has also declared his candidacy for District 19.

And Buford Marshall Junior has also declared his candidacy for reelection in District 21.

Other supervisors and candidates who have filed papers as of Thursday include: Jeanetta Kirkpatrick, Donald Seep, Sandra Kramer, Paul Kinney, Fred Clary, Ruth Williams, Virginia Wiedenfeld, and Marilyn Marshall.