UW-Richland Kaplan Award

The University of Wisconsin-Richland recognized its 22nd Kaplan Fellow on Tuesday, December 8th.

The Kaplan Award recognizes the outstanding contributions to students made by UW Colleges’ faculty and instructional or non-instructional academic staff. Assistant Professor of Mathematics, JoAnn Lingel, was nominated for this award by her peers and selected by the campus Steering Committee.

Lingel has been teaching for nearly 54 years, 31 spent teaching middle school mathematics and science at Riverdale Public Schools, and nearly 15 years teaching a variety of mathematics courses at UW-Richland. She earned a bachelor’s degree in education with a mathematics major and a physics minor from Northern Illinois University (NIU). Eight years later, she earned a master’s degree in mathematics from NIU. Throughout her teaching career Lingel continued her studies at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

According to Dr. Patrick Hagen, UW-Richland CEO/Dean, JoAnn Lingel has made a significant contribution to the math program at UW-Richland. Her dedication to students of developmental math, her efforts to integrate Math XL into the curriculum, her contributions to implementing the new Hawkes’ model to the mathematics program, and the assistance she provides to students outside of the classroom were all noted at a reception held in her honor last Tuesday.

The Kaplan Award was established in 1993. This award honors Arthur M. Kaplan, a former provost of the UW Colleges. Each UW Colleges campus awards between one and four Kaplan Awards annually depending upon the size of the institution. The UW-Richland award winner is named Kaplan Fellow for the academic year and receives a $500 stipend, $250 of which is provided by the UW Colleges, and $250 of which is provided by the Richland County Campus Foundation. The funds may be used for professional development and/or supplies and equipment.