Richland County Juror Qualification Questionnaires

Richland County Residents are advised to watch their mail for correspondence from the Richland County Clerk of Circuit Court.

Richland County Clerk of Court Stacy Kleist reports her office recently mailed out over 800 juror qualification questionnaires. Those who've received the qualification questionnaires are not being summoned for jury duty at this time but may be called to serve as jurors in 2016.

Persons with access to the internet are asked to please return their completed questionnaires on-line at the web address listed on the top of the juror questionnaire. All others may return their completed questionnaires by mail or in person to the Clerk of Court Office at the Richland County Courthouse.

Kleist says that, according to Wisconsin Law, juror qualification questionnaires need to be completed and returned to the Clerk of Court within ten days. The questionnaires help determine whether residents are eligible for jury duty in the new year.