Richland Referendum Feedback Needed

The Richland School District board and administration are continuing the process of developing a school funding referendum question that will be put to voters next spring that will aim to make safety & security upgrades, technology advancements, and address other capital improvement projects.

At the last meeting in November it was learned that HSR Associates – an architectural, engineering, and design firm out of LaCrosse – is helping the district gather information on possible building design changes that may be addressed through the referendum. In addition, the Richland District has secured the services of Wisconsin Public Finance Professionals to assist with the process of developing a referendum question. Now, the district is seeking active input from the public to help it identify their priorities for a possible strategy moving forward. At the next regular school board meeting on Monday, December 7, night, a portion of the time will be set aside for citizen input.

Jarred Burke serves as the Richland School District Administrator. Burke said that input from the public is one of the most critical pieces to developing a referendum question that meets the needs of the district and can be supported by the community. Burke also said that the Richland School District is in a unique position in that it has been many years since it's gone to the voters for additional funding; but he said now is a good time to make that request.

The deadline for the Richland School Board to develop a referendum question for the April General Election is its regular meeting on January 18th. Members of the public are also welcome to provide input concerning the referendum question at other meetings between now and then. After the question is formulated, Burke said that a significant amount of public education will take place to help inform voters of the need for the added revenue. Those interested in providing feedback on Monday, December 7, night are welcome to attend the school board meeting at 7:30 PM. It will take place in the Richland Center High School IMC.