Spring Election Seats Available

Today, December 1, is the first day that interested individuals can obtain the necessary paperwork to run for their local school board or other governmental position.

The Declaration of Candidacy and Campaign Registration Statement must be filed to the respective district, municipal, or county office no later than the end of the business day on Tuesday, January 5th.

The Ithaca School District has two 3-year seats up for election in the spring. They are in Area #4 – a seat currently held by Diane Mueller – and an At Large seat that is currently held by Steve Louis. Ithaca district boundary information and school board representation areas can be obtained by contacting Ithaca School District.

The Riverdale School District has three school board positions available. They are Area #1, which is currently represented by Davina Meckley; Area #5, now represented by Dave McHenry; and Area #9, which finds incumbent Stacy Hach.

The Richland School District has two seats that will be decided in the spring. They are Area #2 and Area #3. Area #2 represents the western rural portion of the school district. Area #3 represents the City of Richland Center. The Richland School District will have two new board members after the spring election. That's because the incumbents for both seats have filed official Declarations of Non-Candidacy: Patti Silver in Area #2, and Mike O'Leary in Area #3.

The River Valley School District has three seats up for election in April. Area #3 includes the Town of Clyde and is currently represented by Paul Cummings. Area #6 covers the Village of Spring Green and is currently represented by Sara Young. Finally, the River Valley District's Area #9 includes the Village of Plain. John Bettinger is the incumbent for that district.

The City of Richland Center has four positions on the City Council that are up for election as well as the Mayor's seat. All are 2-year terms. District #1 – Wards 1, 2, & 3 – is currently represented by Susan Fruit. District #2 – which includes Wards 4, 5, & 6 – is now represented by Jay B. Mueller. District #3 – Wards 7, 8, & 9 – is now served by Judy Shireman. And District #4 – Wards 10, 11, & 12 – now finds incumbent Mike Kaufman. Richland Center Mayor Paul Corcoran is up for re-election. As of this (Tues) morning, Corcoran has filed the Declaration of Candidacy papers for Mayor and will be circulating nomination papers. Jay Mueller has also filed the papers for Alderperson in District #2, and will be circulating nomination papers as well.

In Richland County, all 21 county supervisor positions will be up for election next spring. The General Election will be held April 5, 2016. If needed, the date of the spring primary is February 16, 2016.