Deer Donation Information

Hunters who have harvested a deer and are interested in donating that animal for a local food pantry can do so through one of the Wisconsin DNR's participating meat processors.

Southwest Wisconsin meat processors that are participating include the Richland Locker in Richland Center (647-4577); the Eastman Locker in Eastman (874-4331); the Kickapoo Locker in Gays Mills (735-4531); Hidden View Butcher in Fennimore (822-7080); Spring Valley Meats in Cassville (794-2011); and Westby Locker & Meats in Westby (634-4541).

Prior to donating the deer, field dress and register the animal and write your confirmation number on the carcass tag. Handle the carcass as if it was destined for your own table. Donate the entire deer to receive the processing costs for free. The head and antlers may be kept for mounting. Call before taking that deer to the processor to verify the business has space to accept your deer.

Hunters are also reminded that all adult deer harvested in the following counties are required to be tested for CWD: Adams, Grant, Green, Jefferson, Juneau, Kenosha, Lafayette, Portage, Racine, and Waukesha. All adult deer and fawns harvested from the following counties are required to be tested for CWD: Columbia, Dane, Iowa, Richland, Rock, Sauk, and Walworth.