Wednesday Game Day: January 16th

This week Phil and Ron sat down to play a fun game of Lolli Plop! Enjoy Phil and Ron in the Morning.


Tuesday Quiz Day: January 15th

This week's quiz was on fish. See if Phil was able to "catch" a break during this week's Tuesday Quiz Day.


Wednesday Game Day: January 9th

This week Phil and Ron sat down to play a game of Cooties for their weekly Wednesday Game Day. 


Tuesday Quiz Day: January 8th

Ron prepared a nutritious and healthy quiz this week for Phil when the two met for their daily get together. Phil was tested on Brussels sprouts.



Wednesday Game Day: January 2nd

This week Phil and Ron started off the new year by playing a game of Pimple Pete.


Wednesday Game Day: December 26th

Phil and Ron returned from the holiday break to play a friendly game of Score Four.


City of Richland Center Nomination Papers Available

The Richland Center City Clerk's office reported updates on Friday, December 21st concerning the four council seats up for election in April.

Wednesday Game Day: December 19th

This week's Wednesday Game Day really went down the toilet. Phil and Ron sat down to play a game of Flushin' Frenzy.


Richland Center City Council December 18th Meeting

The Richland Center City Council heard the annual reports from department heads at its meeting on December 18th.

Tuesday Quiz Day: December 18th

The pressure was on for today's Tuesday Quiz Day. Phil would need to have a high school if he wanted to play with the "Flarp" that Ron had brought with him for today's get together.