Wednesday Game Day: March 21st

This week Phil and Ron sat down to play a classic board game. The two played checkers during their daily get together. Enjoy Phil and Ron In The Morning online!


Get Real 2018

Area schools took part in a special financial simulation program at the Richland Center High School on Wednesday, March 21st. The 2018 Get Real event was held with the help of local businesses and volunteers. Ron had a chance to speak with a few of those who helped make this year's event a success.

Phil and Ron Tuesday Quiz Day: March 21st

This week Ron tested Phil's agriculture background when the two met for Tuesday Quiz Day. Phil was quizzed on National Ag Day during their daily get together. Enjoy Phil and Ron In The Morning online!


Yard Signs In The City of Richland Center

With election time nearing and yard signs popping up around the area the City of Richland Center has a reminder for residents. Political signs, or any yard signs, are required to be placed behind the sidewalks in yards and not in the boulevard area between the sidewalk and the road. The boulevard is actually the city street right-of-way. Properties without sidewalks will have to place signs on their property and not within the street right of way. Most street right of way is 33 feet back from the center of the street. Signs should be placed back behind that point. Signs should also never be placed on city owned property.


Wednesday Game Day: March 14th

This week Phil and Ron were joined by Peggy the pig when they sat down for Wednesday Game Day. The two played a game of "Farm Alarm." Enjoy Phil and Ron and see who came out the victor this week.


Sparsity Aid Bill Signed at Riverdale

It was a historic day in Muscoda on Monday, March 12th. State Senator Howard Marklein's rural school funding bill was signed into law at Riverdale High School.

Richland School Board March 12th Meeting

Destination: Massachusetts! Richland Center High School Physics instructor and SeaPerch coach, Zak Dray, gave an update on the Regional SeaPerch competition at Kickapoo at the Match 12th Richland School Board meeting.

Phil and Ron Tuesday Quiz Day: March 13th

This week Phil hoped he had the luck of the Irish when he met with Ron for Tuesday Quiz Day. Ron had St. Patrick's Day trivia questions ready for Phil during today's Phil and Ron In The Morning.


Phil and Ron In The Morning: March 12th

Phil and Ron started off the new week by celebrating the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday a little early this year. The two enjoyed going through a few presents to get them in the mood for the holiday.


UW-Richland Farm Collaboration Meeting

Two-year colleges, UW-Richland and UW-Baraboo/Sauk County, will become branch campuses of UW-Platteville on July 1st as part of a collaborative integration plan announced by UW System President Ray Cross in November.