It's Time to Register

Triviathon will be an online event again this year starting at 6:00 PM Saturday, December 31 on WRCO FM, 100.9. 

Important Registration Information:

If you registered last year, please log in as soon as possible to confirm you are able to still access the site.

If you are a new team, please read all instructions first.

Click the LOGIN Link in the upper right of this page.

Then, click the Sign up Link; you will be taken to the registration page.

For name, enter Triviathon team captain's name who will be our main contact.

Enter an email you can check asap. A confirmation email will be sent to that address with a link you must click to finish registration.

Very Important: The username is your Triviathon team name. PLEASE enter your username (team name) with spaces; just make sure there is not an extra space at the end or beginning of your username; spaces in between words are fine. It will make our work much easier. Enter the rest of the information as requested. Be sure to check your email and complete the registration.


Scoring will be the same this year as last:

Every correct answer will be worth 10 points for every team.

The first five teams to answer correctly will receive an extra 40 points for a total of 50.

The next five teams to answer correctly will receive an extra 30 points for a total of 40.

The next five teams to answer correctly will receive an extra 20 points for a total of 30.

The next five teams to answer correctly will receive an extra 10 points for a total of 20.


Each answer will automatically be assigned a time/date stamp as it is submitted online. The time/date stamp will be used to determine the order in which teams answer. Our goal will be to provide regular scoring updates. However, if issues or circumstances prevent us from providing running scoring updates, we reserve the right to announce the final scores at a later date. There will be a time limit for each question. We will announce a time when each question will end. Submissions after the stated time will not count. There will be a grace period of one minute. We will not overlap questions.

Spelling will be critical again this year. Answers that are misspelled may not be counted. Be sure that you have spelled your answer correctly before you hit submit. Teams may only answer each question once. Any team answering a question more than once will be disqualified for that question. Repeated duplicate answers may result in removal from Triviathon. You will need your team name and password for every question throughout the night. Important: It will be critical to be sure you submit your answer for the correct question. We will work hard to make sure there is no confusion about what question we are on.  Regular questions will continue throughout the night and scoring will remain the same all night long.

We will maintain a trouble line for the purpose of technical issues only. The trouble line will address issues that may arise with the use of the online answering system. It will not address questions, answers or challenges to questions. By submitting an answer, you agree to accept both the question and the answer as provided by WRCO. We will make every effort to be accurate, but we cannot possibly research every source. We appreciate your understanding of this policy.

The technical trouble line number will be 649-4535. We encourage you to make sure you can log in and submit an answer using the sample answer link on the Triviathon page. If you have questions, please ask. We would like to have all issues ironed out well before the event starts.

Look for the Login/Register link in the upper right hand corner. Remember, all teams wanting to play must register. The username is your team name. The deadline to register Noon, Friday, December 30.

 Important: The Triviathon section of the website is under the “Resources” menu. It is only visible to registered users who are logged in. 

We encourage you to register (if you haven't already) and then try logging in as soon as possible to make sure you can. To avoid hassles that may develop for teams during Triviathon, we have tried to eliminate issues that could arise. Please make sure that only one computer is logged in to provide answers during Triviathon. We could limit logins, but then if by chance you lose your connection, you can't get it back without our help which is counterproductive for everyone. Also, type your team name and password carefully.

Thanks for your support of Triviathon for the past 28 years! Happy New Year!! If you have questions, please let us know. Happy Holidays!